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Why a 5-Wheel Scooter is Best…

Quingo’s unique 5-wheel system gives you the stability and safety of a 4-wheel scooter, while offering the maneuverability of a 3-wheel scooter. Designed to be ergonomic and easier to maneuver around obstacles and over bumps, Quingo takes you wherever you need to go in comfort.

  • Safer bump handling
  • More maneuverable
  • Enhanced stability
  • Superior Comfort
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Safety and Stability

Only a Quingo has the unique 5-wheel stability system. Because of this enhanced design feature, a Quingo uses far less space when turning or circling, all without the fear of tipping. This unique 5-wheel design also offers outstanding control on inclines and bumps, climbing and descending at angles with ease. The 5-wheel stability system can maneuver ridges up to 3 inches at 45-degree angles. Notice how the inside wheel lifts when turning for a tighter turning radius. Now you can take your scooter places you never imagined.

  • More stable than a 3-wheel scooter
  • Safer, sharper turning
  • Climbs and descends ridges with ease
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Quingo USA

Agility and Maneuverability

With a turning radius as small as 40 inches, Quingo mobility scooters will safely maneuver around homes, restaurants and other tight spaces. Quingo significantly outperforms 4-wheel models of the same length, significantly reducing the need to reverse and make 3-point turns. Quingo drivers enjoy safer and unequalled agility while shopping or visiting local venues where space is not as abundant.

  • Tighter turning radius
  • Easily navigate small spaces
  • Eliminates 3 and 4 point turns
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Better Comfort

The Quingo 5-wheel mobility scooter offers full ergonomic posture control, which provides maximum comfort on short and long trips alike. With precise leg and foot positioning, and 80% more foot space than similar sized 4-wheel mobility scooters, you’ll feel reduced stress on the back, hips, knees and ankle joints.

  • Ride in comfort – Posture control for ideal driving position
  • Adaptive footplates for independent leg positioning
  • Fully adjustable seat and tiller
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296 customer reviews give the Quingo a 98% satisfaction rating on Feefo

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