5 WheelPatented 5-wheel stability*
350 lbsCarrying Capacity
250 WattElectric Motor
4 MPHMaximum Speed
23 milesUp to 23 miles with one charge**
Auto loading technology...the worlds only self loading scooter

Length (with basket): 49.6 inches

Length (without basket): 43.3 inches

Width: 23.2 inches

Height (ground to top of seat): 39.8 inches

Height (ground to top of tiller): 41.4 inches

Height when folded: 20.3 inches

Seat Width (space between armrests): 16.9 – 23 inches

Backrest Height: 14.2 inches

Seat Height (from ground): 30 inches


Maximum Speed: 4 mph

Maximum Travel Range**: up to 23 miles

Maximum Curb Climbing: 3 inches

Turning Radius: 40.2 inches

Carrying Capacity: 350 lbs

Electric Motor: 250 Watt


Two Button Remote Control for the Quingo

Easy View Digital Dash with Battery Meter Gauge

Infinitely Variable Speed Dial

Push Button Lighting Control

Fingertip Forward / Reverse Speed Levers

Security Ignition Key

Audible Warning Horn Button

Digital Fault/Status Indicators


Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering

Adjustable Tiller/Dash

Quintell™ Self Centering Steering


3 X Front Lights

2 X Rear Lights

Incorrect Operation Warning Lights

Center Rear Brake Warning Light


Two Tone Full Fold Seat

Forward Reverse Seat Slide Mechanism

Quick Release Seat Belt

Comfort & Convenience

Quintell™ Independent Adaptive Floating Foot Plates

Quintell™ Curbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding

Quintell Curbmaster™ Anti-Tipping

Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilizing System

Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering

Quintell™ Self-Centering Steering

Quintell™ Posture Control System

Quintell™ Ultragrip High-Traction Rear Tyres

Quintell™ Shock Absorbing Smartbumper

The Quingo

Weight of the Scooter Only

242 lbs.

Docking Station

Designed for the Quingo

Securely holds the Quingo During Transit

Fits Most Small Hatchback Cars, SUV’s, Crossovers, Minivans and Wagons

Installed and Removed With No Modifications To Car

Breaks Down Into Component Parts for Easier Lifting

No Tools Required for Installation or Removal

Overall Weight: 83.6 lbs

FrameWeight: 22 lbs

Overall Width: 30.31 inches

Height: 7.5 inches

Overall Length (with supports): 53.2 inches

Folded Length: 48.5 inches

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Intended Use of The Vehicle

This vehicle is designed for those people with a disability that impairs their mobility, such as severe Arthritis, Osteoporosis or any other condition that restricts limb movement. It will suit users up to the maximum recommended weight, with any disability where a high level of stability, maximum maneuverability and the correct anatomical seating position will be beneficial. This vehicle should be used on hard ground and is not intended to run in water or muddy areas. Sandy or gravel areas should be avoided as they can seriously affect the range. These products are not intended as off road vehicles.


This vehicle is designed to be transported in the rear of a suitable vehicle and using the supplied docking station. Dimensions should be checked before purchase. The seat should be folded and the steering tiller folded flat prior to loading. When transporting the vehicle in a car, the user must not be seated in the scooter at any time. For transportation by air, this vehicle is ‘Air Safe’, please contact your preferred airline for more information.


1 Year Warranty

(All major non-consumable components are covered)



The Quingo & Docking Station Product Specifications PDF


The Quingo & Docking Station Installation Guide PDF


The Quingo Owners Manual


* Based on similar length conventional 4 wheel scooters

** Travel Range varies by terrain, weight of rider and ambient temperature. In accordance with ISO 7176-4:2008

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