Free Shipping Included

Free Shipping Included

Professional Assembly Included

Professional Assembly Included

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

The Smartest Choice When Space is Limited

The Quingo Air is the smartest choice when space is limited. It is easily transportable in most vehicles and can be used just about anywhere you want to go. It is also very easy to dismantle, taking less than 60 seconds to be loaded into the trunk of even a smaller car.

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The Quingo Air Advantage

Using patented Quintell™ technologies, with the Quingo Air you’ll get more stability, maneuverability and comfort than any other scooter. Click on the hot-spots in the image below to get a closer look:

Posture Control System - best anatomical driving position ensures the most natural, comfortable ride Self Centering Steering provides advanced stability & agility; reduces strain and stresses on arms, shoulders, neck & back, minimizing tiredness KerbMaster Anti Tipping and Anti Grounding Technology eliminates beaching on kerbs & prevents tipping Adaptive Floating Floor Plates ensure ergonomic anatomical driving position, adjustable to offer best posture Active Tri-Wheel Steering System offers exceptional stability and agility while maintaining excellent posture

Small & Light

The Take-Apart Scooter You’ll Love

The Quingo Air is the smallest, lightest and most agile of the Quingo lineup of scooters. Ideal for indoor use, as well as outdoor use, it easily disassembles and transports, fitting in the trunk of even small cars in less than a minute. Taking the scooter apart and putting it back together is quick and easy. The heaviest part of the Quingo Air is 59 lbs. and can be wheeled along by its own handle just like a suitcase. You can even check the Air on a plane!


Safer Handling of Obstacles

Bumps and curbs can represent considerable obstacle to scooter users. Only the Quingo 5-wheel system features the capability to ascend and descend these obstacles (curbs up to 3”) at an angle of up to 45°. Additionally, Quingo’s patented Curbmaster system not only prevents tipping but also eliminates beaching when driving over a curb. Check out the video to see how it works!

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Unequalled Agility and Tighter Turning

In independent research the 5-wheel Quingo is proven to be more maneuverable than any other 4-wheel scooter of comparable length available today. This means more agility in the home, grocery store, the mall or in any area where space is limited.

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5-Wheel Stability for Worry-Free Journeys

You’ll love how nimble the Air is, while at the same time providing the comfort and stability that only the 5-wheel Quingo can offer. Take it to a friend’s condo, to the store or even to a park or other outdoor area. With a range of up to 10 miles on a single charge, and a maximum speed of 4 mph, you’re sure to get to wherever you need to go quickly, comfortably and safely. Plus, you’ll be able to get in and out of tight spaces easily because the Air turns on a dime and you’ll have no trouble negotiating hills and bumps along the way. Quingo can even get along in the snow!

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Enhanced Comfort and Posture Control

Because a healthy, comfortable posture is important when selecting your next mobility scooter, we’ve designed the only scooter that includes Quintell™ adaptive footplates that adjust on multiple planes. The feet-forward design on the Air allows those with stiff joints to remain comfortable at all times. Plus the tiller, seat and armrests are fully adjustable to fit your specific body type. This allows for full ergonomic posture control, making even longer trips comfortable and pain-free.

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Simple to Use Controls

Easy View Analogue Dash Board with light-up battery gauge, fingertip speed levers, high security ignition key and audible warning button.

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Fast Charging

The Air uses a simple plug and play charging port and connects to any wall outlet. It takes minimal time to bring your battery to a full charge and most people simply plug in at night. Once charged, you’ll enjoy up to a ten mile range before having to recharge again.


4.9 / 5 stars rating

296 customer reviews give the Quingo a 98% satisfaction rating on Feefo

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3 Year Warranty

All major components are covered


Free Shipping

Quingo ships right to your front door absolutely free

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frequently asked questions

What size is the Quingo Air scooter?

The Quingo Air is 42" long, 22" wide and either 37" or 23" tall, depending one whether or not it is folded into compact mode.

Are Quingo Scooters covered or reimbursed by Medicare or Insurance?

Mobility scooters are almost never covered. Very few people are able to get reimbursed by Medicare or their insurance. In 2016, less than 3% of consumers qualified. It's best to assume that you will not be covered, however, we are happy to provide you documentation after your purchase.

Do you have a showroom or a place that I can see the scooter in person?

We do not have a showroom or a way to show you the Quingo in person, however, we are happy to spend as much time as you need answering all of your questions. If you happen to live near Richmond, VA - You may schedule a visit to our corporate headquarters.

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