For almost 20 years, firstSTREET has been searching the world for innovative products designed to make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for boomers and seniors. These innovations range from easy-to-use cellphones and computers to products that enable people to hear better, sleep better, and stay safe in the home they love. We’ve made it our mission to help the rapidly growing senior population age gracefully without having to sacrifice their quality of life.

The Problem of Mobility Scooters

Since mobility issues are common among aging Americans, we’ve spent years searching for a scooter that could help people who are unable to get around safely on their own. What we discovered was that, while there were plenty of different types of scooters, each had their drawbacks. Smaller scooters with 3 wheels were maneuverable and relatively easy to store, but they were unstable and uncomfortable. Scooters with 4 wheels offered better stability, but had a larger turning radius, making them difficult to operate in tight spaces like supermarket aisles and restaurants. Scooters that were supposedly “portable” could be disassembled into smaller pieces and put into car trunks, but most were difficult for seniors to lift without assistance. Worst of all, most of these scooters tended to tip over when encountering even the smallest of obstacles… putting seniors at even greater risk.

The Solution

One day, the President of firstSTREET was doing research on scooters and found a company in England that caught his eye. They had been around since the late 1940s and had originally made wheelchairs for British war veterans. Over the years, this family-owned business had developed a wide range of scooters that were much more innovative than those being designed domestically. After years of research and development, they had solved the problems with 3 and 4 wheel scooters. Their 5-wheel design gave their scooters both agility and stability. They named their scooters Quingo, from the latin word for five. They patented this revolutionary design and incorporated it into their entire line of scooters, from the smaller, portable Quingo Air to the luxurious Quingo Vitess.

They didn’t stop there. They wanted to create the ultimate portable scooter. Their engineers designed a truly remarkable ramp system and incorporated a remote control into a folding scooter and the Quingo Flyte was born. It is the only scooter in the world that loads and unloads itself into the back of SUVs, crossovers, mini-vans and hatchbacks.

firstSTREET had finally found scooters that met the company’s lofty expectations. These scooters have earned almost unanimous ratings approval in Europe. Now, the Quingo Air, Vitess and Flyte are finally available in the United States. From their innovative design to their quality craftsmanship, these are truly the finest scooters available. Only Quingo Scooters feature the 5 -wheel design that gives them the ultimate in maneuverability, stability and comfort. Once you’ve experienced a Quingo for yourself, you’ll see why it’s the only scooter worthy of the firstSTREET name…and available exclusively from firstSTREET.

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